Scrap Wood Removal

World Wide Box & Packaging Corporation is committed to being good stewards of Planet Earth. We care about our environment and are dedicated to the proper recycling of wood, metal, and plastic products.

Our Company supports the idea of recycling by reusing existing pallets whenever possible. Our team of pallet specialists repair and recycle used pallets, restoring them to “A” quality. This reduces the need for new pallets and, therefore, promotes sustainability. In that, we encourage our partners and customers to recycle as well. We will collect your used wood shipping materials to save you money and help the planet. No quantity is too large, or small, to be recycled.

World Wide Box & Packaging Corp. can provide large dumpsters, if necessary, to collect your used wood and shipping materials. We will then sort, reuse, or recycle your materials. Recycled wood is ground into mulch that can be used by farmers, landscapers, or can be used for other environmentally sound projects.

If you have used wood and/or shipping materials and are not sure how to dispose of them, please give us a call! We will determine if your scrap can be used by the Company and arrange for pickup if needed.

Thank you, in advance, for helping us take care of our environment!

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