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Wooden Pallets
Wooden Pallets

World Wide Box & Packaging Corporation is a manufacturer of custom wooden boxes, skids, crates, export packaging, and pallets. We are a distributor of reconditioned pallets and a full service provider of new and custom wood pallets, crates, lumber and wood packaging materials.

Working with your shipping requirements and specifications in mind, we can provide design services to ensure dependable and efficient delivery of your shipment. With an in-house fleet of delivery vehicles, we ensure our ability to deliver on short notice. Coupled with our custom products, World Wide Box & Packaging Corporation continually delivers what you need when you need it. Picking the right size wood or custom pallet for a specific individual shipping and delivery situation can often seem like a daunting task. There are many variables to consider, such as how much weight the wood pallet needs to bear, how the items will be stacked, and if there are any distinctive requirements depending on the shipping destination. Our design services team will engineer your packaging needs to the highest standards, yet with your delivery schedule and price level optimized.

We use the latest semi-automated production equipment which allows us to meet your delivery requirements while still maintaining consistent, high-quality new or custom wood pallets. Our facility is highly configurable and flexible allowing our production team to change production runs quickly as customer needs require.

Stringer pallets are the most commonly used pallet. Stringers are used to support the load, and are encompassed by top and bottom deck boards. Stringer pallet specifications are first noted by the length of the stringers, and noted second by the length of the deck boards.
The most common size stringer pallet measures 48" x 40", and is also commonly referred to as a GMA pallet, or standard grocery store pallet. This is a standard created by the Grocery Manufacturer Association (GMA), and these hardwood stringer pallets are used widely for a variety of consumer products.

While stringer pallets are the most commonly used pallets, and the GMA pallet is standard, there are a variety of variables to consider. These include:

Number and size of stringers
Number and size of top and bottom deck boards
If there are no bottom deck boards, it is considered a skid.
Notched Stringers
Chamfered deck boards
2-way entry (partial entry)
4-way entry (full entry)
Single or Double wing style

Block pallets are genuine 4-way entry pallets, with blocks being utilized to support the unit load. The number of blocks, varies, but the typical number ranges between 4 and 12. Block pallet specifications are first noted by the length of the block stringer, and noted second by the length of the deck boards. A standard style block pallet is a traditional 9 Block pallet designed for 4-way entry. However, there are many other styles of block pallets that are highly customized for specific needs, specifications, and uses.

Panel Deck pallets are from the traditional stringer or block pallet family, but with an entirely different deck configuration. Just like they sound, Panel Deck pallets are constructed with a solid panel covering the top to create a "deck." The type of deck material and deck thickness can vary depending upon the desired uses and applications. Typically Plywood, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), or Particle Board is used for decking material.

Whether you require one stringer pallet, or hundreds of custom sized pallets, World Wide Box & Packaging Corporation will provide you with the right solution.

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